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Precision Garage Door Community Outreach

Staying Involved in Portland OR

Becoming a customer or employee of Precision Garage Doors of PDX means giving back to the community. We are passionate about the Portland area and involvement in this community is important to us as a company. Here are a few of the organizations Precision contributes to annually - please read about these great programs below and learn how you can get involved:

The Pongo Fund

The owners of Precision are HUGE animal lovers. We even have an office mascot, named Q-Tip, who comes to the office every day to add cheer and happiness to both staff and customers. So when we came across The Pongo Fund, it was easy for us to get involved!

The goal of The Pongo Fund is to provide quality food and necessary veterinary care for the pets of those truly in need. Precision donates both food and money to this awesome organization.

Food Shelter

As an effort to contribute to The Pongo Fund, we encourage any Precision employee or customer to feel free to bring us pet food that we will transport over to there on your behalf!

For more information on The Pongo Fund, please visit their website: www.thepongofund.org

The Pongo Fund

Lan Su Gardens & The Portland Art Museum

Kim and Stan Prosser, owners of Precision, have had a longtime passion for exploring and experiencing both art and culture, especially as it relates to the Portland community. The Prossers are avid members of the local Lan Su Gardens and the Portland Art Museum.


Precision wants to spread the joy and celebration of these local favorites. To become a member, read about or donate to these organization, you can visit their websites below:

Lan Su Gardens - lansugarden.org

Portland Art Museum - portlandartmuseum.org