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Prior to hiring, all our prospective employees are screened thoroughly with an extensive background check including criminal records, driving records, and must pass a drug & alcohol test. Along with this screening, we also initiate an individual personnel development survey which ensures that their goals would be consistent with our mission statement and our strong commitment to providing the best customer service.

Once selected to join our team, their first month training begins with a mentor program, which concentrates on learning best practices in garage door installation. It is our belief that before a technician can go out and repair doors, they must thoroughly understand everything about door operation. Safety, customer care and company policies are all part of this initial step. Their individual personnel development program is also built to help our employees become true team members. We believe that we all have to work together as a team internally before we can provide the best service to our community.

Why do we do all this when our competition does not? Because we feel a huge responsibility when we send an employee into your home to take care of your garage door and do not take chances. If we wouldn't welcome them into our home, we certainly won't send them to yours!

Because we CHOOSE to be the Best!